Reality Versus Reality TV: How the World is Missing Out on the Biggest Discoveries of Our Lifetime

It seems that we are living in an accelerated state of evolution. An infinite amount of knowledge is readily available to share with the world and all one has to do is reach into their front pocket for the smartphone to access it. It could be argued that as a society, we are moving too fast. How do you explain the fact that the majority of the planet is still unaware of Dr. Ruggiero’s discoveries in a society driven by trending topics, headlines and viral sharing? After thousands of years of anatomical research and innovation, studied by an endless amount of physicians, scientists, researchers and the morbidly curious, two organs loaded with answers powerful enough to change the core beliefs on how the body actually functions remained undetected. Upon these discoveries, this should have been headline news, covered on every newspaper and website across the world. The irony of these discoveries is that it is following the same story-line as the two organs did for so long and has yet to be realized by the global population. Has the speed and unlimited amount of information readily available desensitized us to finding new treasure? For the first time since the first experiment or research was ever conducted on a body, we see that there is more than one command center in the human body. All functions, both physical and mental, including emotion and conscious thought, are in fact dispersed through the body as a connected system of brains. The true importance of this discovery is most likely still to be more fully understood in the future, yet it challenges what was considered fact just ten years ago that the body functioned from a single command center, located right between our ears. These new facts change the foundation and direction we are now heading in into the future. The world we knew was upended and changed forever in the middle of the night while most of us slept soundly.