Your Third Brain: A Summary of the Gut-Brain Connection

The New Health Conversation® has at its core the mission to make you aware of what is available.

That is first to make you aware of the totality of a problem and more importantly to make you aware of solutions that can at the very least diminish if not in fact completely its negative effects.

As I have said before once in a great while something comes along that is so profound that it changes the world.

For most people, if that happened once in a lifetime that would be amazing.

I sit here in awe. Feeling so honored and proud that yes indeed I have n now witnessed for the third time an extraordinary and uncommon discovery brought to the light of the world through The New Health Conversation.

Thousands of lives have been changed by these discoveries that Dr. Dennis Harper DO, my son Drew and I made in Why Diets are Failing US©.

Then with the help and guidance of our co-author Dr. Nicholas Messina MD who helped me to realize that I had in fact discovered a horrifying set of four co-factors that brought serious new challenges to our quality of life and our wellness potential The TDOS Syndrome® and Solutions. This book has been embraced by health professionals to bring more effective approaches to maximizing our wellness potential and our ability to live as healthy as long as possible.

Your Third Brain has really opened our eyes to the brilliant realization that the microbiome was in fact not just a collection of microbes, bacteria, viruses, yeast, and fungi. Not this ensemble was in fact the operating system for the other two brains of our body. Dr. Ruggiero, his wife Stefania Pacini, and their team of scientists have given to the world an incredible gift.

Born from decades of research and many sleepless nights they took the impossible and made it possible.

In the famous movie The Imitation Code they in essence broke an unbreakable code hidden from humanity for more than three thousand years.

Your Third Brain was not just the realization that the microbiome was an organ. It was the discovery that this organ was in essence the brain for the body and the other two brains worked in response to the microbiome’s commands. The second incredible discovery they made was that in fact the microbiome was created at birth by a miraculous interaction of the microbes, bacteria, viruses, yeast, and fungi present throughout the birth process and really for the rest of our lives.

The realization that we have 22,000 so-called human genes (Human Genome Project) and according to NIH the microbiome has up to eight million genes is mind-boggling as we have pointed out.

It is not so much that this should cause us anxiety or fear is that we should embrace it as we now can begin through the amazing super food created by Dr. Ruggiero and Stefania Pacini to partner with Your Third Brain to clearly enhance the quality of our lives and those we love and care about.

This discovery if not the biggest discovery in the history of mankind I am not sure what else would overshadow it.

We invite you to consider this book as our gift to mankind.

This book is what we now follow as our quality-of-life system not just a single approach but a multiplicity of interconnected solutions that truly are easy to follow. The hope is being brought by now being able to work with this ecosystem that is like aliens to us before we found out that they were real and that they were here to help us. They were not in fact just helping us but in fact, they were helping themselves as they wanted the best possible foods.

The world of the microbiome is the most exciting thing I have ever been exposed to in my more than decade-long research.

We invite you to spread the news about this book and its major discovery. Your friends and loved ones will thank you.

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