Dieting: So Many Choices, So Few Results #2: The Soup Diet

The world we live in has quickly transformed into a place that satisfies our need for instant gratification. Most people can relate to this scenario: while browsing the web late at night, all of a sudden you discover a product that was made with only you in mind! Five minutes earlier, you had no idea it even existed and now you feel this emptiness and you simply can’t live without it any longer. After a few clicks and agreeing to pay double for expedited shipping, that product you never knew existed yesterday is on your doorstep today. Marketing agencies across the globe strive on this “quick fix” mentality and the diet industry has taken notice as well. The diet world applies the same tactics, using promises of instant and easy results to satisfy our, “need it now” mentality and we continue to chase after that quick fix. The soup diet looks to be trending up lately but does it really improve health or help with speedy weight loss?

Obviously, the answer is no. Although the smoke and mirrors surrounding modern dieting techniques would have you believe that there are shortcuts shedding those extra pounds, it is harder than ever to beat the system. There is absolutely no soup on the planet that will instantly add notches to your belt buckle by slurping it day in and day out. It becomes even trickier when you take into consideration the fact that most produce contains little to no nutrition whatsoever.

One of the more popular soup diets currently making its rounds is the cabbage soup diet. Yes, it’s basically as technical as it sounds. The cabbage soup diet encourages you to only consume cabbage soup a couple of times a day, every day for as long as two weeks. There is also a handful of additional foods that you can eat, which pair up with specific days throughout the two weeks. Some of the additional foods allowed during the two week diet are bananas, milk, beef, and mixed vegetables.

Once again, there is no factual research proving that the soup diet and specifically the cabbage soup diet is effective when it comes to losing weight. Although some weight loss may occur initially, a diet like this is a short-term fix and far from being a sustainable program. Following a diet like this is too stiff and unbalanced for the body. Such diets do not offer the body a proper balance of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, etc. Even when your diet includes what most see as the correct combination of healthy options, we can’t forget that most foods still lack foundational nutrition, which was once abundant in our fruits and vegetables.


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