Toxins’ Growing Impact: Why They Matter Now

TDOS Solutions: The Impact of Toxic Chemicals on Our Health

Each one of us carries a toxic load of synthetic chemicals in our body fat, absorbed from food, water, air, consumer products, and industrial processes. These chemicals accumulate over a lifetime and migrate throughout the planet, making it impossible to escape their negative impact. The potential health effects of these toxins are numerous and far-reaching, from diabetes and cancer to cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, many of these health effects are not yet fully understood or studied.

Even low-dose chemical exposures, previously thought to be safe, can still affect the hormonal systems of the human body. Some low-dose chemicals, considered non-toxic on their own, can become toxic and cancer-causing when mixed with seemingly safe chemicals. Additionally, we absorb and inherit chemicals directly from our mothers, based on their chemical exposure, even before birth. These contaminants and their toxic effects can persist throughout a lifetime.

As our food supply has become nutritionally deficient, we lack the necessary nutrients to fuel the immune system and the body’s toxin-cleansing organs to combat this toxic onslaught. Some types of hormone-disrupting toxins in our bodies, called obesogens, can trigger weight gain. This interaction between toxins and fat cells is one of the scientifically-documented, but rarely recognized, reasons behind the overweight and obesity epidemic in the US and the world.

Toxins are playing a major role in the breakdown of the body’s functions, particularly in undermining the liver’s effectiveness as a toxin remover. Until we reduce our exposure to these toxins and their presence inside of us, negative health symptoms resulting from toxins will continue. Despite living longer, we are living sicker.

By reducing our exposure to toxins and embracing healthy living practices, we can improve our overall health and well-being. It is time to take action to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the harmful effects of toxins.