The Myth of Fats versus Carbohydrates

Clean Eating Promotes Optimal Health

The simple fact is that the human body cannot count calories and thus the body does not care about calories. The only thing the body cares about is what makes up the calories and that is nutritional quality and density.

In the Fat Fiction documentary, they show a scale, and, on the scale, they show two types of food that each contain 100 calories.

On one side of the scale, they have a brownie that has 100 calories and on the other side is a piece of salmon that is 100 calories.

The scale which should be balanced was totally titled down on the brownie side.

Now, why you might say, would that be?

The reason is a new condition that is called the carbohydrate hypothesis for weight gain.

In English, it means that the carbs in the brownie cause insulin to spike.

And, when insulin spikes it shuts down the body’s ability to burn fat while at the same time causing the body to store fat.

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