Before watching your 1-30 days of virtual coach please watch this introductory video as to why virtual coach will be so important to the extraordinary results that are possible.

Day 1

Peter Greenlaw and Dr. Paul Arciero one of the worlds’ leading nutritional researchers for more than 35 years. They explain why the R2M Protocol is not a diet.

Dr. Arciero explains how his peer reviewed clinical studies prove that the R2M Protocol and Protein Pacing that you are starting is the real solution to long term safe weight loss.

Day 2

On Day II Peter and Dr. Arciero talk about how critically important it is to follow the Blueprint for Success daily schedules.

In addition, Dr. Arciero points out what is going to happen on your first two days of Intermittent Nutritional Fasting® days 3 and 4. Dr. Arciero explains how you will go from burning sugar to burning the toxic fat where we store deadly toxins. They also explain the difference between

Intermittent fasting and Intermittent Nutritional Fasting® (The R2M Protocol).

Day 3

Peter and Dr. Arciero talk about the differences between intermittent fasting and Intermittent Nutritional Fasting which is what you are doing. They also discuss why it is so important to follow your Intermittent Nutritional Fasting day detox schedule.

Day 4

Today Dr. Arciero explains what you can expect on Day 2 of Intermittent Nutritional Fasting® (Day 4) and the R2M protocol. He shares the actual scientific results of his research on the second day of the R2M protocol. Dr. Arciero explains how your body is now using your toxic fat for energy instead of sugar and carbohydrates.

Day 5

Dr. Arciero goes over exactly what happened during your first four days.

He shares that in his thirty-five years of research that no diet, nutrition, or exercise program has ever produced these kinds of results on the R2M Protocol and Protein Pacing®. He will also explain the tremendous benefits you have already beginning to happen to your body. Dr. Paul will educate you on the continuing momentum you are building to maximize your quality-of-life potential.

Day 6

Mike Townsend talks about losing 150 pounds on R2M

Day 7

The prices women pay because of the TDOS Syndrome®

Day 8

R2Ms benefits for athletes.

Day 9

Peter Greenlaw goes over the importance of following your Shake Day schedule.

Day 10

Dr. Arciero points out the benefits of starting you second 48-hour detox that has so many benefits for you. The most important is that this second 48 hours is taking you to another deeper level of fat burning and removal of toxins from your body. They also discuss why this second 48-hours of detox is normally so much easier than the first 48-hour detox. Dr. Arciero also addresses how beneficial R2M is for athletes and for people who have no weight to lose at all. The athletes and people who are thin still have lots of toxins in their bodies.

Day 11

Peter Greenlaw discusses why detox days for many people are beginning to get easier and why you want to stick to your Daily Detox Schedules. He also talks about the importance of measuring and weighing tomorrow on Day 12.

Day 12

Peter and Dr. Arciero talk about why unlike diets you are now going to increase your serving sizes. This is also a major difference between R2M protocol and diets. Dr. Arciero will explain why this is so necessary to increase your serving sizes. This is one of the most important days on your journey to maximizing your quality-of-life potential. Dr. Arciero admits that everything he thought he knew as a researcher for more than 35 years was totally wrong.

Day 13

Why Diets are Failing Us is explained.

Day 14

Nicolas Messina M.D. discusses how the food manufacturers have addicted us to food by figuring out the Bliss Point.

Day 15

John Gray discusses the benefits of nutrition for kids’ mental health.

Day 16

Interview with Mark Jenkins celebrity trainer to the stars discusses his amazing results on R2M.

Day 17

Marco Ruggiero M.D. discusses the difference between intermittent fasting and intermittent nutritional fasting (R2M)

Day 18

Scientific proof intermittent nutritional fasting (R2M) is the solution

Day 19

What you are experiencing on Day 19

Day 20

Peter explains why the r2m protocol works in combatting the TDOS Syndrome.

Day 21

In this television interview Peter explains why the TDOS Syndrome is the main reason diets don’t work and why we are un-able to maximize our quality-of-life potential.

Day 22

Peter discusses what causes aging and now we can live healthier longer.

Day 23

Interview with Bill Andrews Ph.D. one of the world’s leading geneticists who discusses why aging is not a condition it is a disease. And what the research that is going on to cure aging.

Day 24

Testimonial of a lady and her tennis pro husband’s incredible results on R2M

Day 25

How to incorporate exercise into the R2M protocol

Day 26

Dr. Arciero talks about how your body is into a totally new condition inside.
He talks about how his participants said they want to continue to get to their goals. If you feel you have not met your health goal yet, then he will encourage you to keep going. He shares what you have achieved and how once you get to your goal, he can show you how to maintain all that you have achieved.

Day 27

Scientific explanation of the TDOS Syndrome

Day 28

Importance of nutrition and congratulations of your progress so far

Day 29

On today’s tutorial if you in fact are achieving your goal then Dr. Arciero will educate you on an easy-to-follow maintenance program. For those of you who have not met your goal then you will want to continue until you are ready for maintenance. He discusses how different your body internally is totally different even if you have not gotten to your goal. What you have done is amazing.

Day 30

The journey is not over it continues.