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88% of people in the US suffer from metabolic syndrome which causes obesity, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, & high cholesterol. 

For years, we have tried to combat these conditions through calorie restriction & increased physical activity, however we are learning that all we thought was right is actually wrong.  

And not only does this not help it is actually hurting you and creating an even BIGGER problem.


World renowned nutrition & fitness scientist, Dr. Paul Arciero’s breakthrough, peer reviewed study shocks the scientific community and proves how to effectively achieve these results.  

We invite you to watch the videos below to learn about the root causes & the scientific solutions to these issues. 

TDOS Syndrome®: The REAL reasons why we are exhausted, overweight, & unhealthy

Dr. Arciero Shares the Findings of His Breakthrough, Peer-Reviewed Studies 

After reviewing these scientific results, it seems obvious that Dr. Arciero’s Study that utilized this revolutionary new R2M protocol would be the only approach you would want to consider for losing weight, improve your overall health and diminish the devastating impact of the five metabolic factors quickly and safely.

Peter Greenlaw’s Guest Appearance on ABC’s Windy City Live TV Show

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