Loses 10 lbs. in 4 days safely/no exercise

Intermittent fasting (IF) has been a hot topic in the world of nutrition and weight loss for several years now, but a recent breakthrough study by Dr. Paul Arciero published in the Nutrition Journal has shed new light on the effectiveness of a revolutionary new protocol called that followed the same guidelines as laid out in the R2M protocol. R2m utilizes Intermittent Nutritional Fasting™ (NOT Intermittent fasting) and Protein Packing®. The study shows that people can lose weight safely in just four days on R2M, which is comparable to weeks of dieting and without any exercise. This is a significant finding, particularly for those who struggle to lose weight through traditional diet and exercise methods.

Dr. Paul Arciero, a professor of health and exercise sciences at Skidmore College, conducted the study on 19 women and 5 men who were overweight or obese. The participants were instructed to follow the R2M protocol.

Interestingly, the participants were not asked to engage in any physical activity during the four days of the study. This was intentional, as Dr. Arciero wanted to determine the impact of R2M on weight loss without any confounding variables. The results of the study were surprising and impressive. On average, the participants lost 2.6 pounds in just four days of R2M. This is equivalent to losing several weeks’ worth of weight through traditional dieting methods.

Moreover, the participants experienced significant reductions in body fat, waist circumference, and blood pressure. The women in the study lost an average of 2.3 pounds, while the men lost an average of 3.5 pounds in 4 days. These results demonstrate that R2M can be an effective and safe weight loss tool for both men and women.

This breakthrough study highlights the potential of R2M protocol as a safe and effective weight loss tool, particularly for those who struggle to lose weight through traditional diet and exercise methods. It also suggests that R2M may be an attractive option for people who find it difficult to stick to strict dietary guidelines or calorie counting.


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