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The TDOS Syndrome® and The TDOS R2M Protocol

The Facts are clear. Disregard them at your peril.

Four critical co-factors are now dictating our health, life, and existence on earth.

For over 18 years, Peter Greenlaw has studied the work of some of the most respected experts in human health and, for the first time in history, with their help, has been able to link not only the root cause of the OBESITY Pandemic through TOXICITY and NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY, but he found that when another deadly enemy, STRESS also attacks we are basically doomed.

Advanced Praise for TDOS Syndrome®

This a brilliant and insightful guide to achieving a lifetime of health and happiness

John Gray, Ph.D., best selling author, of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus

Toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, being overweight and stress are the key factors why we do not have the best health care in the world.  Our healthcare system only looks at one or sometimes two of the TDOS Syndrome and we are failing to address the rest of the equation.  Our healthcare system is broken and rapidly getting worse.  You should not depend on the government to help you if this is your problem and you need to know how to correct it.  It would be wonderful to have all healthcare providers adopt these principles.  If they did we could save a mountain of money on health care.

Dennis Harper MD

With a lifetime of personal experience has been on practically every type of diet popularized and with over 25 years of experience treating patients as a physician and surgeon, I endorse the tenants in Peter Greenlaw’s book TDOS Syndrome.  Peter has done what no investigator or physician thus far has been able to do, “put together the 4 easy pieces” of the TDOS Syndrome, the keys to weight management, improved health, vitality, and longevity. Peter describes how understanding the interconnectivity of Toxicity, Deficiency, Overweight, and Stress can lead to improved health, wellness, and longevity or in the absence of which can lead to, various diseases, including metabolic syndrome sarcopenia, and accelerated aging.

Whether you are an endocrinologist, physician, nutritionist, physical trainer, or simply a patient, understanding the TDOS Syndrome and applying the TDOS protocol will be life-altering. It has finally and for the first time provided the answers needed to form the basis for a real understanding of how the body functions physiologically. As a result, weight loss management is now within our grasp without diet, exercise, or starvation. The TDOS Syndrome and protocol when applied will undoubtedly change society as we know it today and, in the future, to help people live not only longer but healthier.

 Jerry Katzman M.D.

Peter Greenlaw’s discovery of the TDOS syndrome is a phenomenal, eye-opening work of genius. He succinctly sums up the four major co-factors that are deteriorating our health today. Peter further goes on to explain how these co-factors, although devastating by themselves, work together synergistically to create this perfect storm that is destroying our health and accelerating the aging process for all of us. Read Peter’s book to understand what we’re up against so that you may understand the value of the solution presented in the “TDOS Syndrome.” It just may be the most important book you’ll ever read!     

Joseph D. Porreca, D.C.

Scaring You To Life

The interconnection of four critical co-factors is now dictating a downward spiral of our health, life and existence on earth.

For more than 18 years Peter Greenlaw has studied the top researchers. His review of research looked at the effects on human health of environmental toxins, nutritional deficiency, overweight, and stress. Now he connects the dots showing how the interconnections are amplifying these four health-robbing co-factors Toxicity, Deficiency, Overweight, and Stress — into a deadly syndrome that’s killing us.

  • How can the human race absorb and process over 700 tons of toxins from the air we breathe?
  • What happens as we consume hormones, steroids, pesticides, antibiotics, and birth control chemicals in every glass of water?
  • Why are there 275 lethal toxins found in newborn babies? And girls as young as three are showing signs of puberty?

Connect the dots to see how toxins + depleted nutrients + overweight + stress adds up to the perfect storm that’s costing us our health.

Until Peter Greenlaw, the “researcher of the researchers,” connected the dots, no one acknowledged the big picture . . . and sounded the alarm. Now, the facts are clear. The entire spectrum of research tells a bigger health story than we’ve been led to believe.

Peter Greenlaw has gained enormous support from top experts and authorities across the health and medical global community because he has dedicated his life to trying to answer the real questions.

“Unless we can get enough of the right nutrition back into our bodies to fight this four-headed monster, we and our families will become weaker, sicker, and die much earlier than anyone ever thought possible.”— Peter Greenlaw –

If you want to find out how TDOS Syndrome® is impacting your weight and overall health and want to know the protocol to combat it…