Avoid Chemical-based Cleaning Products for your Respiratory Health

Chemical cleaning products and the compounds that some of these products release into the air can be harmful for our health. They can cause respiratory problems, headaches, eye and throat irritations, and even cancer. VOCs or volatile organic compounds are released by some of these products into the air where we breath them in.

The good news is that there are many alternatives to harmful cleaning products. This article will help you identify some of the bad ones so that you can avoid them. It will also cover some alternative cleaning products that are better for your health and environment.


Chemical Cleaning Products to Avoid

Avoid products with aerosol sprays. This is not limited to cleaning products. Even beauty or health products with aerosol sprays can be bad for your health. These products spray a fine mist of chemicals into the air. The chemicals in this mist end up in your lungs and on your skin instead of just on your bathroom tile or in your hair if you’re using hair spray. Try to find alternatives to aerosol sprays. You may also spray the cleaning sprays directly into a cloth to avoid getting the product into the air as much as possible.

Air fresheners release toxic chemicals into the air. If these are aerosol sprays, then the chances that the toxic chemicals in them reach your body is even greater. Repeated exposure to the chemicals released by air fresheners can be harmful to your health. Air fresheners contain chemical compounds. These may smell good, but the chemicals are still harmful. Just because it may smell good or cover up unwanted smells does not mean that it is healthy for us.

Any cleaning product with a heavy scent is probably going to be bad for your health. This applies to detergents, upholstery cleaners, and furniture polish to name a few. The good news is that it is easy and inexpensive to make alternative cleaning products that are just as effective.


Alternatives to Harsh Cleaning Products

Soap and water are great for cleaning many surfaces. When combined with a mildly abrasive cloth or sponge it can be very effective for removing grease, dirt or grime. The best part is that soap and water do not release any toxic chemicals into your home that can be harmful for your health.

Baking soda can be very effective for cleaning stainless steel, tile, or counter tops. If you need something that is a little bit more abrasive than just plain old soap and water, then try adding some baking soda to enhance the scrubbing effect.

Vinegar is great for mopping, especially wood floors. Add a cup of vinegar to warm water. This will help pull odors from the wood while neutralizing them. The scent of vinegar can be strong, but once it dries the smell fades. You’re left with clean floors without the lingering effects of harsh cleaners. You can also mix your own glass cleaner by adding some vinegar to water. This is great for cleaning mirrors. For windows, a little bit of soap, water, and a squeegee can be very effective. As an added benefit, the smell of vinegar can deter ants.


Reduce Toxic Chemicals and Save Money

You can clean almost anything with a few simple ingredients like the ones discussed above. This reduces the harmful chemicals in your home. Your lungs will be happier in the long run and your home will feel fresh and open. The alternatives to harsh chemical cleaners are also inexpensive. So, not only will the air in your home be cleaner, but you will save money too!

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