How I became the Researcher of Researchers – Episode 2

I am a well-known researcher and author who has been called the “researcher of the researchers” for two decades. I have co-authored books with medical doctors on topics related to nutrition, toxicity, stress, and weight loss, including Why Diets are Failing Us, The TDOS Syndrome, TDOS Solutions, and Your Third Brain. Through my work, I have conducted more than 1,500 lectures around the world and have been a featured speaker at various conferences, including the Autism One conference in May 2014 and 2015 and the CEO Club of NYC.

My work has been focused on making the world aware of toxins through my discovery of The TDOS Syndrome (Toxicity, Deficiency of nutrition, being overweight and Stress) and the role TDOS may play in causing us to have less energy, less sleep, more stress, and being overweight. Along with my world-class experts, I have created the R2M protocol which has been proven scientifically to combat the TDOS Syndrome. This has led to people maximizing their quality of life potential, and if weight loss is their goal, they are losing weight in four days safely that would take six weeks on current weight loss diets and nutritional programs.

Currently, I am finishing a new television series called The Greenlaw Report which will feature some of the world’s leading health scientists, medical doctors, and nutritional researchers including “World Renowned” Marco Ruggiero M.D/ Oncology/ Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Nicholas Messina M.D. a pioneer in clinical research, Paul J. Arciero Ph.D. /Arciero is a leading international nutrition and applied physiology scientist, keynote speaker, consultant, and #1 best-selling author on Amazon, John Gray, Ph.D. Author of Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, Bill Andrews, Ph.D. in population genetics and molecular biology. The series will provide insight and knowledge on how to combat and prevent many health-related issues, and my work has helped many people lead a healthy life.

I have also made media appearances on various news programs, including ABC Windy City Live, Bay City Sunday in San Francisco, Fox Los Angeles, Fox 5 Washington DC morning show, and Kansas City. Additionally, I was a guest of Greg Reitman on his Los Angeles-based show “On the Green Carpet” and on U-T San Diego TV hosted by Taylor Baldwin.

I am also the founder of The New Health Conversation which aims to bring awareness to the importance of health and nutrition. My work and research have helped many people lead a healthier and happier life, and my upcoming television series will help to provide more information on how people can take control of their health.