Dr.Arciero finds magic bullet for weight loss

Dr. Paul Arciero’s Peer-Reviewed Clinical Studies in the Nutrition Journal and the Obesity Journal shock the medical community.

For decades, people have searched for a magic bullet for weight loss and improved health, and Dr. Paul Arciero believes he has found it. With his revolutionary weight loss and health solution proven by two peer-reviewed studies published in the Obesity Journal and the Nutrition Journal, Dr. Arciero has shocked the scientific community. In the words of Dr. Arciero himself, “for 35 years we have searched for the silver bullet for weight loss and health, and not only have we found it, but we have the scientific evidence to prove it.”

Three peer-reviewed studies have compared Dr. Arciero’s R2M protocol to almost all popular diets available in the market today. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy, which means they experience three or more of these co-factors: overweight, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides.

Dr. Arciero’s two peer-reviewed studies, published in the Nutrition Journal and the Obesity Journal, were conducted over one month and two months, respectively. The results of these studies were compared to the results of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study, which analyzed all major diets and protocols for 12 months.

The results of Dr. Arciero’s studies were astonishing. Participants in the Nutrition Journal study lost 16 pounds in 30 days, which was 12 times faster than participants in the JAMA study, who lost 16 pounds in one year. Additionally, participants in Dr. Arciero’s studies gained 6% lean muscle, while participants in the JAMA study lost lean muscle mass.

Dr. Arciero’s protocol significantly reduced factors that make people metabolically unhealthy, including weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides. In contrast, the JAMA study showed no significant reduction in any of these metabolic factors.

The participants in Dr. Arciero’s studies also experienced a 41% reduction in hunger and a 33% reduction in visceral fat in 8 weeks. These visceral fat reduction results have never been seen before. Additionally, participants in the study saw a remarkable reduction in toxins, whereas the JAMA study showed no toxic reduction.

Dr. Arciero’s Obesity Journal study compared the R2M protocol to the Heart Healthy Diet, which is considered the gold standard of diets. Participants in the study lost 68% more weight in 8 weeks than those on the Heart Healthy Diet, and they lost twice the visceral fat in 8 weeks than those on the Heart Healthy Diet.

In addition to the astonishing results, Dr. Arciero’s protocol also offers other benefits.

For instance, participants in the studies experienced a significant lowering of inflammation  by 25% compared to the JAMA study. The studies also showed an increase of 6% lean muscle mass, and none of the participants were allowed to exercise.

Dr. Paul J. Arciero is an expert in performance physiology and nutrition who serves on the boards of the Obesity Society, American College of Sports Medicine, American Heart Association, International Society of Sports Nutrition, and the International Protein Board. He has worked with some of the nation’s most elite, including Special Operation Forces (Green Berets), Olympic Medalists, and World-Class professional athletes.

In conclusion, Dr. Paul Arciero’s R2M protocol offers a revolutionary new approach to weight loss and improved health. The results of his peer-reviewed studies published in the Nutrition Journal and the Obesity Journal prove that traditional diets are no match for his protocol. Dr. Arciero’s protocol offers quick and safe results and diminishes the impact of the five factors that make people metabolically unhealthy.


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