Dieting – So Many Choices, So Few Real Results

Unless you live under a rock, as you read this there is a good chance that you or someone you know is most likely following some type of diet, cleanse or new age health trend. You can’t escape it in this day and age. The diet industry and their proficiency on pushing their latest products, ideas or programs is everywhere. Whether browsing the internet or flipping through a gossip mag, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll see some kind of product or program being advertised, often by a celebrity, that guarantees fast, amazing results with little to no effort. These days, there are so many different philosophies on the most effective way to eat, diet, work out or even take supplements – it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The primary question that needs to be answered is: Does any of this stuff really work? Is there a diet, cleanse or eating program out there that produces the results it promises and improves your general health? Frankly, the answer is ”no”, and the science and the studies out there back this up.

Here is a short list of just a few of the latest and greatest trendy diets/cleanses out there: the Master Cleanse, the apple cider vinegar diet, low-fat diets, juice fasts, alkaline diets, the Mediterranean Diet, the Paleo diet, ketogenic diets, liquid diets, macrobiotic diets, The South Beach Diet, the raw food diet, the smoothie diet, The HCG diet and on and on. Sadly, people are spending money and blindly following and praying for the results that whatever their chosen program has promised. There are so many different approaches and opinions on how to create health and wellness in your life that following the latest trends becomes mind-numbing. By all means, not every new diet or eating trend is wrong. There are pieces of each protocol that knock it out of the park. Yet, when put together as a whole, there are always key pieces missing.

Join us as we begin to break down diets, supplements, eating trends, etc., and we will do our best to point out some of the things that are on track to maximizing health. But more importantly, we look at the things they are missing and why they could even be harmful to your overall health. We will be covering over twenty of these diets and eating fads. As always, this is not based on opinion or bias. Everything presented at The Greenlaw Report is backed by science and research. Our job is to collect factual research and present each diet or food trend’s problems, deficiencies or even hazards to our health. Once you have the real story, backed by the research we have gathered and presented, it’s up to you to make decisions based on your own life, health and what works best in your life.