High-density Nutrients and Nutritional Fasting: Part 2

Scientists are now concluding that much of our food supply is becoming almost nutritionally bankrupt. This covers a wide ar­ray of fruits and vegetables where some of the nutrients are almost non-existent. This gets back to the whole idea that a calorie without nutrition is basically the same as eating air. Have you ever gone out and gorged on “everything but the kitchen sink”, come home, and felt like you were ready for another meal? There is a simple explanation for this: Our food is nutritionally bankrupt and the body isn’t counting calories the way you are. The body is only concerned with the nutritional content of those calories. Yet we wonder why we are still hungry after a huge, tasty meal. It’s because the body is still looking for the nutrition that continues to elude it.

In the book, Beating the Food Giants, biochemist Paul A. Stitt pro­vides evidence that supports the premise that calories should not be the standard by which we base our eating, health or longevity. Between an influx of toxins and a surplus of sugar in most people’s eating regimens, the primary systems and functions of the body can slacken and become sluggish. This reality is forcing us to search for new solu­tions to achieve long lasting health and weight loss. This includes being much more conscientious of the types and the forms of the nutrients we ingest. Nutritional density is the key to successful weight management, not counting calories.

It is critical to eat in a way that focuses on nutrient density while increasing the body’s detoxification potential and this is achieved through the ingestion of antioxidants and botanicals. The body needs vitamins, botanicals, major minerals, micro minerals, (trace minerals) and ultra-trace elements as well as a certain amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. All of these elements are useless unless they can be efficiently absorbed into the body. While most people are familiar with essential major-minerals like iron and calcium, micro minerals, (trace minerals) and ultra-trace elements are all important co-factors found in the structure of certain enzymes and are indispensable in numerous biochemical pathways. Enzymes will ultimately push the body to function properly and actively detoxify it. The body’s ability to self-detoxify is critical for true wellness and healthy weight loss because food can be metabolized more efficiently by a healthy, well-functioning body.