High-Density Nutrients and Nutritional Fasting: Part 3

The keys to activating the body’s natural nutritional fasting programs are whole-body nutritional fasts, as opposed to conventional co­lon, liver or kidney cleanses. It is also imperative that you include a proper mix of major and trace-minerals along with ultra-trace elements. Detoxifying the body is the key to healthy weight loss; it is the solution that delivers results that far surpass that of any popular conventional dieting program. We need to follow nutritional approaches which center on nutritional density in the fewest calories possible in order to attain healthy weight loss and overall better health. This is the only way you can eat yourself healthy in this day and age.

Nutritional fasting can put you on a course to rapid and safe weight loss as well as the path to maximizing your wellness potential and your ability to live healthier and happier for longer. In order to follow a nutritional fasting program, you must first supply the body with all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and ultra-trace elements contained in the lowest viable calorie count. Nutritional fasting follows a schedule of integrating caloric reduction days, (not nutritional reduc­tion or starvation), with intermittent fasting days, (which flood the body with all the nutrients the body needs in the fewest calories pos­sible). This schedule naturally allows the body to detoxify, reduce fat and shed weight quickly and safely. Yet, at the same time you are not hungry because your body has a massive supply of what it actually needs, not just calories loaded with chemicals, sugars and processed ingredients that are being offered to us as “food”. Your body will stay in a state of nutritional abundance without the need for excess calories.

It should be clear that how you are dieting really does matter. There are cutting edge nutritional fasting approaches out there and the benefits from a proper detoxification are the wave of the future. Nutritional fasting can rapidly increase any necessary weight loss but the most im­portant reason to do this is to maximize your wellness potential and to greatly increase your odds of a much longer and healthier life. Who doesn’t want that?