High-Density Nutrients and Nutritional Fasting: Part 1

In a perfect world, or even the world of 25-35 years ago, the body simply regulated every internal system at a high efficiency as it evolved to do. If the body needs to detoxify itself, it will. If it needs to burn off extra fat, it can because it was originally designed to do so. The easiest way for us to burn fat is to stimulate the metabolism. In order for the body to boost its own metabolism, it needs a highly nutritious source of calories. Simple enough, right?

If burning fat and losing weight were as easy as jump-starting your metabolism by eating a healthy diet, people could change their food regimens and the pounds should start to melt off much faster than the customary “one pound a week” programs hailed by the majority of weight loss companies. The problem is that food is not what it used to be. The calorie was once a measure of nutrient-density, a tool to help maximize health. Now it is often largely just filler; composed of synthetic garbage with no trace of anything healthy. Processed foods, chemicals and a general lack of nutrition wreak havoc on the internal systems of the body. Because the body’s hormonal and natural processes have been confused by increased exposure to synthetic chemicals, artificial sweeteners and overall poor nutrition, we must change our eating habits to be healthy and maintain a reasonable body weight.

Today’s food largely lacks vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, which are often destroyed in food preparation. Humans are faced with having to ingest and digest more calo­ries in order to compensate for nutritionally barren food. Therefore, reducing our caloric intake can no longer be considered a reliable way to maintain health and achieve weight loss. Even food compa­nies that put forth “fortified “ or, “enriched” products often substitute synthetic chemicals for naturally occurring nutrients that are no longer abundant in most foods. The way we lose weight is now as important as losing weight itself.

Conventional dieting no longer makes any sense. Yet there seems to be a new diet launched almost every week, encouraging people to re­duce calories in order to trim down their waistlines. However, reduced calories lead to further reduction in nutrients, hence less protection against toxins and overall worsened health.