High-Density Nutrients and Nutritional Fasting: Part 1

In a perfect world, or even the world of 25-35 years ago, the body simply regulated every internal system at a high efficiency as it evolved to do. If the body needs to detoxify itself, it will. If it needs to burn off extra fat, it can because it was originally designed to do so. […]

The Science Behind Salt, Sugar, Fat and “The Bliss Point”

As you read this, there is a team of scientists constructing a new recipe for some product even more mouthwatering and irresistible than anything you have ever tasted. If you ask me, the fact that scientists are wasting their talents developing recipes is crazy. The truth of the matter is actually far from insane and […]

A Quick Summary of Toxins

When the topic of toxins is brought up, it seems most would assume that it would be used in the context of a poison; possibly a snake venom or the villain in a movie who spikes the drink of the damsel in distress. Today, when discussing toxins, the context is the fact that they are […]