It’s Reigning Plastic

plastic rain

“Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, things aren’t going to get better. They’re not.” Dr. Seuss, The Lorax It’s raining plastic and we have lost our way. Plastic rain. Someone needs to ask the question, where along the road did we lose our way? Somehow, we have missed all the warning signs and […]

The Real Breakfast of Champions is Trisodium Phosphate

junk food

Generally, mornings are not my favorite time of the day but make no mistake, breakfast is by far my favorite meal. Whether it’s eggs and bacon, waffles and fruit or even a bowl of cereal, I love it all! With that being said, these days I start my mornings with the world’s best nutritional shake. […]

Modern Stress and its Link to Our Ancestors

Modern Stress and its Link to Our Ancestors

The Stress Response is what happens when the brain perceives danger – the part of the autonomic nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system kicks in and the body prepares itself to fight, flee or freeze. This is when the body goes into overdrive with the aim of either escaping or preparing to fight as […]

Synthetic Dangers to Our Kidneys

Synthetic Dangers to Our Kidneys

The kidneys are small but invaluable organs that sit at the back of the body, below the rib cage and near the waistline. The kidneys are also fairly close to the spine. The kidneys have many jobs, one of which is to filter between 120-150 liters of blood every day and produce one or two quarts […]

High-Density Nutrients and Nutritional Fasting: Part 3

The keys to activating the body’s natural nutritional fasting programs are whole-body nutritional fasts, as opposed to conventional co­lon, liver or kidney cleanses. It is also imperative that you include a proper mix of major and trace-minerals along with ultra-trace elements. Detoxifying the body is the key to healthy weight loss; it is the solution […]

High-density Nutrients and Nutritional Fasting: Part 2

Scientists are now concluding that much of our food supply is becoming almost nutritionally bankrupt. This covers a wide ar­ray of fruits and vegetables where some of the nutrients are almost non-existent. This gets back to the whole idea that a calorie without nutrition is basically the same as eating air. Have you ever gone […]