RoundUp use of Glyphosate Linked to Cancer


“Have you been injured in a car wreck? Are you suffering from pain or trauma? We have your back at the law offices of Jones and Jones so call today!” Anyone who has ever watched television has most likely been assaulted by commercials just like the one from our friends at Jones and Jones. The […]

A Look Back at 2018 and a Great Way to Start 2019

2018 was a fantastic year for all of us at The Greenlaw Report. After years of talking about it, we finally launched, a website devoted to providing you with the latest research from the health and wellness world. Our primary objective is to cover everything from nutrition and supplements to exercise, stress management, the […]

Memory May Play A Big Part In Telling Us When To Stop Eating


When it comes to meal planning, most of us are accustomed to certain portion sizes and we assume we stop eating because we know when we’re full. However, there are a few factors in defining meal size that might surprise you. In volume, the average adult human stomach holds about the equivalent of one liter […]

Healthy aging becomes more attainable in the light of recent research


In the attached article from the Harvard Gazette, researchers have shown that intermittent fasting may have positive effects on healthy aging. In the new studies, they are also examining the effects of intermittent fasting on the mitochondria – the engines of the cells. Scientists and medical doctors we work with at The Greenlaw Report also […]

Environmental Working Group Drops a Truth Bomb

The ongoing debate of whether or not there is enough nutrition in our food supply continues. But there is no arguing some recent test results from two rounds of testing by Environmental Working Group (EWG). The tests were conducted on numerous commercially available oat-based foods. These included oat-based cereals and snacks, as well as different […]

A History on Breeding Nutrition out of Food


The opinions on whether or not a diet filled with fruits and vegetables is sufficient enough to fuel the body varies to such a degree that individual nutritionists, doctors, and medical experts are split on the issue. Regardless of who is on the right side of this argument, nutritional deficiencies date back further than most […]