How Timing and Marketing Hooked America on Soda: Part 2

The story behind Coca-Cola is a fascinating one. How could something as simple as a beverage turn into one of the world’s most well-known products and brands? To this day, Coke continues expanding its global dominance, pushing distribution anywhere and everywhere possible across the globe. It would be hard to imagine a product as big as Coke to ever fall from grace but as history has shown us, all good things must pass. With the world in a rapid evolution, and information regarding health and wellness spreading faster than wildfire, we are beginning to see some kinks in the Coke armor, due to the true, nutritional science behind what this beverage really is and the toxic effects it is capable of cloaking the body in. The truth is that Coca-Cola and the lion’s share of sodas and beverages similar to Coke are finally being exposed as the poisons they really are.

While the truth continues to spread with regard to the health hazards of these sugar-filled beverages, there is still a large portion of the population that continues its unfazed consumption. At least a quarter of the United States population still consumes at least one 12 ounce can of Coke a day. Twenty percent of the population were identified as drinking anywhere between one and four cans a day and five percent of people interviewed admitted to drinking more than four cans of coke. Every. Single. Day. The facts and data that support the company’s marketing strategies regarding who is most likely to purchase Coke products reads like a, “How to market to specific niches and break all profit records” brochure. Men drink more Coke than women and younger generations consume more than adults. Also, single people are more likely to drink Coke than their married counterparts. Keep in mind, these stats are current, at a time when half the population of America doesn’t even touch soda. This is both the good and bad news. While half of us have completely eliminated soda from our diets, this still leaves 50% of us as consumers on some level. Make no mistake, the one-two punch of precision marketing and meticulous research utilized by Coca-Cola is an exact science, based on who to cater their message to and how best to protect that 50% of the population hooked on their products.

Not only is there a science behind studying those who are most likely to consume these beverages, Coca-Cola went to the heart of the political world to not only attempt to influence policy regarding how their products are viewed, they have spent fortunes in attempts to block unfavorable legislation to keep their image positive and pounded into the brains and hearts of people from around the world.

Now that we have covered the history and backstory on one of the world’s largest products, join us as we dive into what is really in this poisonous beverage.